We have a great experience with Personal Touch, their service is awesome! one of the highlights is that their attention to detail is outstanding, from now on we know who we can trust our vehicles.

Brian Williams, Multiple Muscle and Luxury Cars

Recently Bought a M3 and the exterior needed some detailing, so I tried Russell. He did an amazing job and the car looked so good, I didn’t wanna drive it for a while. LoL. He has fair prices and has a passion for his work. Takes his time and makes sure everything is lookin good. I would really recommend him! Might as fact, I might do Zaino detailing by him next month or so.

Mark Johnson, Brand New M3

The Best” is putting it mildly.: Russell Simms not only does the best detailing work I’ve ever seen, but he is very courteous and professional. You’ll be very pleased.

Olivia Grosh, Bentley

Superb service: Personal Touch is just what I got when I employed Mr. Sims. My car was better than new with a show room finish. Excellent quality products and services.

Mr. John Anderson, Showroom Classic